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Hey, it’s riggraz.

I finally started my personal blog. I’d like to take a few words to talk about the path that brought me here and what I am going to write on this blog. I divided this text in chapters because it is way more epic.



I have notes more than one year old that contain ideas about blog posts: they are probably bad ideas, however they prove my desire for writing.

The main reasons that made me procrastinate on starting a blog were the following:

  1. I was not sure I had something interesting to say
  2. I was not good at writing

The thing is, both these facts are still valid today. Let’s add the third reason:

  1. I was worried about what my readers would think of me

Yes, that was the main point. I was insecure. Let me explain.

Part of my insecurity was due to perfectionism: in fact, for a relatively short period of my life, I was becoming more and more perfectionist. If I had to do something, I had to do it in the best way possible: for blogging that could mean studying English first, then taking a course on essay writing, then maybe start the blog. All this upfront boilerplate just takes too much time and effort, and is always pretty boring.

Hopefully I understood – mainly thanks to hip hop music and its impulsive, direct, non-sophisticated lyrics – that I had to find a compromise between perfection and imperfection. That something really good can derive from a bit of imperfection.

The fear of others’ opinion was partially caused by perfectionism but also by other personal factors I don’t want to bring up here. I just want to say that around 1 year ago I started, together with a team, gambe.ro, an italian social bookmarking community for programmers. I already had the desire to write a blog, but I also remember that I’d not be comfortable publishing my articles there. Even though there were just a couple of hundreds users, I was afraid of their opinion. I was afraid that they could make fun of me.

Now that I shifted my mindset a bit I feel pretty confident in exposing myself on that site and on the web in general, even though I don’t know what I’ll publish will have good reception.


Aside from a personal interest in writing that has been growing inside me for the last few years, I took a lot of inspiration from other blogs during these years. I want to cite them here, in (a kind of) order of importance:


With this blog I’d like to change the world.

Jokes aside, with this blog I’d like to crystallize my world. I want to put here everything I do or think about computers, programming and alike, to create a place that defines myself in the realm of IT. When I’ll be old, I want this place to summarize what I did.

I want to write down my thoughts and ideas, but I also want to talk about the projects I develop.

Thoughts will usually take the form of blog posts. Some will be short and naive, others will be long and elaborate. I also have ideas about certain forms of written content I have never seen applied in this field.

On the other hand, to have a history of my past, present and future projects I decided to create what I like to call “closet”. Esentially, it is just a page with a list of all the projects I did (even very small and stupid ones!) that have some importance to me. Every project will have a date and a small description, whereas for some projects I will also create ad-hoc pages to elaborate more on them. What I’d like to convey in the first place is not how a project works technically, but the story behind it, the feelings I got when working on it and so on.

It may seem like this will be a very personal blog, aimed more at me than towards an audience. However, in my vision, this is far from the truth. It is true that the closet is more of a personal thing, but I also believe that some people can get inspired by the accounts of what I did in the past. Moreover, blog posts will contain thoughts and meditations about programming and the IT world in general that I think can be enjoyed by a large number of people.

In fact, I’d like to provide quality content that can be appreciated by a wide audience. On the other hand, speaking of numbers, I don’t have a lot of ambition. I probably won’t have a lot of readers. However I’d be really happy if just a small number of readers become attached to the blog.


What I can say for sure is that the blog is now online. I can also say that I’ll try to do my best in a non-perfectionist way. I know publications will be incostant. Even at the peak of my perfectionism I was incostant. In nearly everything I do I am incostant. There’s just one thing I have been doing (pretty much) constantly for the past ten years and I still do today. That is programming, that is creating things.

Stay tuned.

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